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The Hand of the Devil

A disarming horror comedy about a desperate man who becomes possessed by the devil on his quest to win back the love of his life.

Hitting the festival circuit in 2019!

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Livin' With Ted


A self-help show starring a guy who needs more help than anyone.

Corn Cob Hands


Award-winning short about a man who regrets his decision to replace his hands with corn on the cob.

Holiday Sensations


Hosts Shaq Johnwaves and What's-Her-Name struggle through a holiday-themed crafting series.

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Rooftop Gardening Tips


A festival favorite reminding you of the absolute most important thing about rooftop gardening.

Your Baby,
My Body


A prenatal wellness series starring the last guy you'd want hanging around your kids.

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Best Worst Halloween


A group of best friends mess around with a haunted Ouija board. At least, that's what they want you to think...

Close Personal Friend


A young couple stays overnight with an old friend who turns out to be a little different than they remember.

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